Your business has the opportunity to network and collaborate with others in agribusiness through involvement in committees. Committees provide a direct avenue to influence and understand policy, regulatory, and other agribusiness specific topics that affect the ability of your business to grow, flourish, and be successful in your community.

All member companies have the opportunity to provide representatives to participate in committees.

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Agronomy Committee

The Agronomy Committee works on all issues related to the growth and protection of crops. This involves good stewardship and practices for the health and viability of food production.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee works with all committees to prioritize issues that affect our membership and need attention in the legislature.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee helps bring an understanding to the complexities of food production as it relates to being safe and viable for generations to come.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee strives to maintain and find members that help agribusinesses across Iowa. This committee also works on member activities and educational opportunities.

Feed & Livestock Committee

The Feed & Livestock committee works on livestock-related issues ranging from regulations to emerging technologies. The committee works to assure regulators understand the industry.

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee works to make sure transportation of agricultural products takes place in a safe and effective way.

Grain Committee

The Grain Committee is on the front-line working with regulators, legislators, and academia to keep corn and soybean production and handling part of the state’s backbone.

Agribusiness Showcase & Conference Committee

This committee helps plan the annual Showcase & Conference, including the Agribusiness Career Day and Ag Industry Crop Management Conference. Their goal is to provide a wonderful exhibiting and attending experience.