South Carolina University Multi-Week Ag Tour Stops at AAI HQ

Students who are part of a travel course that covers agricultural politics, policies, and practices made a stop at the AAI Headquarters in Des Moines on Monday.

Time in Iowa

The group spent time with AAI staff members Shawn Richmond, Environmental Technology Services Director, Dean Lemke, Environmental Stewardship Director, and AAI CEO Joel Brinkmeyer learning about the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy (NRS) and the effectiveness of science-based practices in managing nutrient movement. The class also learned about AAI and the role of the association with the industry and received information about nutrient reduction progress from the official Iowa NRS Progress Measurement Assessment conducted by the Iowa Nutrient Research and Education Council.

A Little Extra

The eight students from Furman College in South Carolina are on a multi-week tour of the state meeting with a wide variety of agricultural groups, political officials, media, businesses, researchers, and others who have a stake in agriculture. Students also will spend time on farms and stay with host families while in Iowa.