Pesticide Container & Repackaging Flow Charts

EPA is required by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) to promulgate regulations prescribing procedures and standards for container design and the removal of pesticides from containers prior to disposal.

In a continued effort to help registrants, refillers, retailers, commercial applicators and custom blenders to comply with the requirements of this rule, the EPA has developed flow charts to help explain the refillable container and repackaging regulations.

Flow Chart 1:  Is the container a service container or a portable refillable container?

Flow Chart 2:  Can I fill this large portable container (greater than 119 gallons)?

Flow Chart 3:  Can I fill this small portable refillable container (capacity of 119 gallons or less)?

Please note that flow charts #2 and #3 should be printed on legal-sized paper and that you need to manually select legal-sized paper.

Visit the Pesticide Container & Containment Web site at for more information on these regulations.