Iowans Honored by Fertilizer Industry for Excelling in Nutrient Stewardship Practicies

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) honored five American farmers and their fertilizer retail partners last week at the 2016 Commodity Classic in New Orleans, La. These 2016 4R Grower Advocates are dedicated to the 4Rs of nutrient stewardship: using the right nutrient source at the right rate, the right time, and in the right place. These practices help increase yields, improve soils, and enhance ecosystems. Each of the 2016 4R Advocate growers operate multi-generational family farms.

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“Our 4R Advocates really understand the value in implementing the 4R practices and have been excellent examples of how using these principles can help farmers be great businessmen and stewards of the environment,” said Chris Jahn, TFI President. “I am extremely pleased to honor their work, and I hope they serve as an example to all farmers that the 4R program can really benefit them for years to come.”

Darin Stolte of Olin, Iowa and Jimmie Daughtery, Precision Ag Specialist with River Valley Coop in Davenport, Iowa. River Valley Coop has been a long time member and supporter of the Agribusiness Association of Iowa and is represented on multiple grassroots committees.

Stolte, along with his mother and father farm 1,100 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa. Stolte is also the co-owner of a drainage tiling business and owns and operates a cow-calf operation. He conducts many nitrogen trials on his farm which has led to collaboration with the Iowa Soybean Association – On-Farm Network. “I’ve been using the 4Rs for some time. I’ve increased my yields by utilizing nutrients more efficiently. I’m able to reduce nutrient runoff by applying them when the crop is ready to uptake them. I also use split-applied nitrogen because I have many soil types and some cannot hold a large amount of nutrient at once. Using the 4Rs is like when you feed your cow herd. You don’t put all the feed out the same day. You feed them everyday. Producing a
crop is no different. By using 4Rs, I hope to be a role model for area farmers to teach them that there are better ways to farm.”

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