Iowa Minibulk Recycling Pilot Works Well For AAI Members

“Within the next thirty days, we will fill our quota of six thousand minibulk containers for this recyling project!”  says Ken Root, recycling coordinator for AAI.  “This is too good a deal to pass up:  You can get rid of worthless tanks that are taking up space and will become am EPA regulated liability next year,” Root explains.  “The pesticide registrants are paying the hauling and recycling costs.  All you have to pay is the $15 inspection fee.”

The Iowa Project runs through the end of the year but is first come, first served.  Letters and forms have been mailed to all AAI members and Root is supplying additional forms and cleaning standards by email.

Contact Ken Root at:  [email protected] or 515-262-8323

For information on EPA container and containment regulations, these links have been suggested by EPA:

1. EPA’s Container and Containment web page:

2. EPA’s two-page brochure on the regulations in general:

3. An industry-produced one-page brochure and checklist on the refillable container requirements:

4. The minibulk inspection video (including a description of the pressure test), which follows the questions on the checklist in #3: