IDALS Summer Anhydrous Ammonia Site Inspections Information

During the IDALS annual Anhydrous Ammonia site inspection this summer you will see IDALS Inspectors issuing “Official Notice” that storage tanks without completely legible data plates need to be tested for continued use as an anhydrous ammonia storage vessel.

Regulation for the testing of the non-data plated tanks stems for the ANSI/CGA G-2.1-2014 Requirements for the Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia standard that went in effect December of 2014. This standard was adopted with amendments into Iowa Code in late April of 2016.

The rule states that vessels with a non-replaceable data plate must be tested to determine;

  • The wall thickness of the container shell and heads, (The type of metal the container was constructed from must be determined in order to establish whether the container thickness is sufficient to safely hold anhydrous ammonia)
  • The water capacity of the container
  • The outside surface area of the container

This information will establish whether or not the container can continue service as a storage vessel until it must be removed from service prior to 2030.

IDALS has continually educated establishments with anhydrous ammonia storage of the requirements of the standard and rules under Iowa Code and will require the non-data plated vessels to be tested by October 1, 2019, to continue to be used in anhydrous ammonia service. Note that other regulating agencies may expect testing of the vessels to have taken place promptly after the standard went into effect in December 2014.

Questions may be directed to the Feed and Fertilizer Bureau of the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Neal Vaughn Fertilizer Administrator –  [email protected]