Help Applicators Keep Field Workers Safe

Pesticide applicators can now know in near real-time where seed field workers are active

Those registered with the FieldWatch system through the state of Iowa as an applicator now have access to SeedFieldCheck reporting which shows where field workers are currently active and where seed companies plan to have active workers in the following 24 hours.

The new functionality is integrated into the existing FieldWatch crop and apiary registry and will help seed companies more effectively communicate the location and presence of seed field workers to pesticide applicators. The information will be available in near real-time allowing seed companies the ability to make edits and update plans quickly and replace the endless circulation of emails and paper or electronic maps to targeted applicators.

With the addition of seed field workers to the FieldWatch system, the state of Iowa has a “one-stop-shop” for applicators to find information about sensitive crops, apiaries, and seed field workers.

Where is it available? 

SeedFieldCheck is a pilot project launched in the state of Iowa by the Iowa Seed Association, Iowa Agricultural Aviation Association, and FieldWatch®. The reporting program, called SeedFieldCheck, is currently only available in Iowa for the 2020 crop season. It is anticipated that SeedFieldCheck will be expanded to other states in 2021.

More information about the pilot program

The Agribusiness Association of Iowa encourages all commercial applicators to register with FieldWatch. Companies and pesticide applicators who are currently registered with FieldWatch will need to specifically add the SeedFieldCheck capability. This will allow a full report of sensitive crops, apiaries, and active field workers to registered users.

Companies currently participating in reporting field workers include Bayer, Becks, Corteva, Remington, and Syngenta.