AAI Submits Comments to EPA on Rodenticide Rules

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is accepting comments until February 13 on its proposed mitigation measures for 11 rodenticides. The proposals are the most significant changes to rodenticides in 15 years and will result in the canceling of products and uses, adding more requirements to the labels, and reclassifying some products as Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) which will result in additional requirements.

After the comment period ends, the EPA will consider the comments received and then issue interim or final registration review decisions for the rodenticides, which finalize the risk mitigation measures they decide to require.

AAI submitted comments today. Click below to read AAI’s comment letter:
Rodenticide Comment Letter from AAI

You are encouraged to submit comments with the Agricultural Retailers Association. Visit Take Action | Aradc and add your own stories about the effectiveness of rodenticides to supplement ARA’s pre-written message of support:
Take Action | ARADC Comment Submission Page