AAI Launches Iowa Agribusiness Environmental Partnership

The Agribusiness Association of Iowa is launching a new initiative to promote further environmental progress in the state of Iowa through the leadership of the agribusiness community.

The Iowa Agribusiness Environmental Partnership (IAEP) identifies important environmental principles in agronomic management – the same principles agribusinesses use to help customers make informed decisions about how they manage their crops.

The program was developed by the Agribusiness Association of Iowa Agronomy Committee, approved by the AAI Board of Directors, and endorsed by the Iowa Nutrient Research and Education Council Board of Directors.

Partners in the program provide growers and the general public a clear understanding of the agribusiness sector’s shared environmental values and commitments, leadership in assisting farmers and landowners to advance environmental stewardship, and progress toward meeting environmental goals.

Agribusiness Association of Iowa members can be an IAEP partner under one of two membership classes:

  • Advising Members – Companies providing retail agronomy products or crop advisor services directly to farmer customers. An Advising Member works directly with farmers to implement the nutrient and agronomic advice principles of the education strategy.
  • Supporting Members – Companies providing technologies and products for agriculture. Supporting Members typically do not provide retail agronomy products or crop advisor services directly to farmer customers. This category would include seed products, crop protection products, machinery products, insurance services, banking services, or other related agribusiness support.

An additional Founding Member designation is available to all AAI member companies who apply to be Partnership members prior to August 31, 2017. Watch your postal service mail box and your email inbox for more information and sign up instructions for this new, no cost member benefit.