HF 14 Signed by the Governor

Last week, Governor Terry Branstad signed HF 14, otherwise known as the Retractable Axle Bill, into law.  This bill relates to the enforcement of weight limitations for vehicles with retractable axles.

This legislation will allow a vehicle or combination of vehicles to raise a retractable axel when necessary to negotiate a turn, provided the retractable axel is lowered within 1,000 feet of completing the turn. Such a vehicle is exempt from axle weight limitations while making the turn with a raised retractable axle, so long as the vehicle is in compliance when the retractable axle is lowered.

This bill will take effect on July 1 of this year.

AAI’s legislative team actively lobbied for passage and adoption of this bill.

“The passage and adoption of this bill is another example of AAI’s commitment to work proactively on behalf of our members and their employees,” said AAI Interim Executive Director Mike Maranell.

Click here to view HF 14